>> Publish 29/Chapter 1
Publish 29/Chapter 1 Update Notes, July 19 (a.k.a Chapter 1.4)

Battle for RestussEdit

  • Rebel and Imperial space mining quests should now be rewarding the correct amount of experience points (XP).
  • The crafting quests to build Restuss bases will now only require 5 Carbines for the first step and 1 Heavy Rocket Launcher for the second step.
  • The Emperor's Hand will no longer disappear immediately when someone loots the corpse. In fact, you can no longer loot the Emperor's Hand corpse. Jedi can get the loot reward by using the radial menu on the Emperor's Hand corpse. Multiple Jedi, and only Jedi, within the radius of the corpse may get the reward.
  • CorSec pilots should now be able take Imperial space missions out of Restuss.
  • Increased the radius of the no-build region around the city of Restuss by 100m.


  • Players using Area-of-Effect attacks such as t he Spy's Venomous Ploy , Medic's Trauger Gas Canister and Bounty Hunter's Razor Net will no longer give players automatic precedence on loot items.


  • Server performance improvements.

Player CitiesEdit

  • Mayors can no longer place city decorations in a no-build region.

Profession: EntertainerEdit

  • If an Entertainer uses weapon props to fight, the involved players will no longer crash-to-desktop.

Profession: SmugglerEdit

  • In your Command Browser, the Smuggler abilities Call a favor, Camouflage Ally and Disarm Trap now include the ability's level in the description.


  • Legacy: Cover your Tracks: When you complete this quest, your quest journal will now update properly.
  • Legacy: The Census: The Quest Journal information for this quest better describes the quest tasks.
  • Rage of the Wookiees: Doing Your Duty Phase I: The AT-ST that is part of this quest should no longer appear in a spot that prevents it from moving around.
  • Rage of the Wookiees : Etyyy: Ryoo Finn: The Quest Journal information for this quest better describes the quest tasks.
  • Rage of the Wookiees: The Road to Exemplar: The Final Battle II: Players who are killed by enemy NPCs on this quest and no longer have the quest in their journal can return to the quest NPC Dahlia Damask to get the quest again.
  • Tansarii Point Station: The Tansarii Point Station shuttle droid is visible and back at his post, ready to handout travel tickets.
  • Trehla Keelo: First Step: When you begin this quest, Trehla's quest dialogue make's more sense.


  • Corsec: Lok System: Search for Shipment Orders: Players who find the Nym Cannon Ship should now be able to properly dock with the ship, get the quest journal update and continue their quest.

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