>> Publish 29/Chapter 1
Publish 29/Chapter 1 Update Notes, June 30 (a.k.a Chapter 1.2)

Battle for RestussEdit

  • Added cantinas to both the Rebel and Imperial bases.
  • Reduced the amount of NPCs in Restuss.
  • Restuss commendation rewards will now be tradeable.
  • Space Mining missions can now be completed.
  • Space Quest NPCs will now correctly grant their quests in Restuss for space quests that are in your datapad, but not your quest journal.
  • Adjusted the experience point rewards for Restuss Phase 1 quests.
  • The Imperial commendation officer will now correctly give players the option to purchase the Restuss armor dye kit.
  • If a player is hacking the sensor array, only the player who is hacking the sensor array will get the "Failed override" system message.
  • Characters should no longer be stuck in the Restuss cloning facility after cloning.

Veteran RewardsEdit

  • The Instant Travel Device no longer has collision.

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