May 19th, 2005
Version 0.123011

In this hot fix publish to Live servers we have added some Japanese localization files for our friends on the Japan servers and corrected an issue where some players were crashing to desktop. In addition we have added 6 additional days to /respec starting today (May 18th, 2005). Read on for more details:


  • All existing characters that have not used /respec will have 21 days from the date they login (after CU went to Live servers) to utilize their /respec abilities. After 21 days the above pop-up message below will be shown to alert the player of their final /respec.

  • The Respec timer has been extended for all players who logged in directly after the CU went Live to 6 additional days from today. On the 6th day please read your respec pop-up boxes very closely. Any mistakes made will not be corrected by Customer Service.

Below is the warning message that will pop-up in game for your last character respec:

  • WARNING* - Your ability to respec is about to expire.

Your ability to respec your character is about to expire. You may still respec your character during this session, however, once you log out from this session, your ability to respec will be revoked. Please make sure that the way your character is when you leave this session is your final desired configuration.

The following is the standard respec message:

You have been authorized to respec your character; that is, to reassign your skills and player statistics. If you would like, we can begin this process now. We recommend, however, that you play with your existing character long enough to determine what you would like your new skills to be.

Click "Yes" to begin the process now, "Later" to be reminded later, and "Never" to never be reminded again.

You may also begin the respec process at your leisure by using the command "/respec".

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