May 1, 2005 Version 0.121608


  • LightSaber attacks should no longer drain force when out of range
  • Anti-Decay Kits will now work on LightSabers


  • You can now use /respec instead of /ui action skillsRespec
  • Respec points that are leftover after a respec are now preserved until your next respec
  • Changed respec confirmation message to better reflect the process
  • Players will not earn master badges as long as they are eligible to respec. Badges will be granted for master skills that the player has once he is no longer eligible to respec.

Creatures / NPCs

  • Krayt Dragons have had their difficulty increased.
  • Elite mobs now have an indicator icon


  • You should now be able to use the /consent and /unconsent commands on your target without having to type the player name
  • On your next login, all "old-style" icons for commands that are now invalid will be cleaned out of your toolbar
  • Visual effect appears again for personal shield generators.
  • Fixed the characters not scaling
  • Player animations have been fixed and should appear smooth and lifelike.
  • Escape key now correctly causes all toolbar actions (that haven't already started) to stop
  • Changed Height of Target Window to match Personal HAM window
  • Centered Target Level in the CON shield in Target Window.
  • Made the Group UI background invisible.
  • Removed a erroneous graphical element from the group UI
  • When in combat, the name of the currently targeted object will flash if it is attackable or is an enemy


  • Disabled death-penalty cybernetics.
  • CharacterSheet: the cybernetics button should only appear if the player is actually wearing a cybernetic piece


  • Prevented weapon bolts from passing through their targets


  • The Teras Kasi power boost ability should now give you a buff icon
  • Droid stimpack dispensor modules should now function properly
  • The Jedi "forceMeditate" and Teras Kasi "meditate" commands must be done while the player is sitting on the ground. They will no longer automatically put the player in a sitting posture.
  • Fixed a CTD when using the /cover ability.
  • Healing an opponent while dueling should heal yourself.
  • Ranger
    • /conceal should again function
    • Mask Scent and Conceal should no longer be broken by combat
    • Added buff icons for conceal and mask scent


  • Players can now invite a group to a chat room by doing a "group invite" on the leader of the group. This can be accomplished in two different ways.
    1. By using the new "invite group" button has been added to the chat room invite dialog.T
    2. Through a chat command - /chatroom invitegroup [room name]


  • Particle effects should no longer go off when you enter/exit vehicle.


  • Drinks purchased from bartender should now be able to be consumed

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