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Update Notes May 9, 2006 (a.k.a Publish 28.3)


  • Players should no longer find their character(s) stuck in the "bind pose" AKA the "Da Vinci Pose" (In this pose, characters stop animating and their arms are stretched out sideways).
  • In Starports, Cantinas and other city structures, all characters should be able to sit in chairs.


  • The Village of Aurilia Force Mind Crystal will no longer be "No Trade" for those who have already converted the crystal.

Profession: Bounty HunterEdit

  • If a Bounty Hunter takes a player bounty mission and logs out before completing the mission and the player target is killed by another Bounty Hunter or logs out, the Quest Journal entry will be correctly updated.

Profession: EntertainerEdit

  • Cloning Sickness: If an Entertainer has set a 'Cover Charge', patrons must pay the cover charge before their cloning sickness will be cured.
  • Cover Charge: The /covercharge ability should work correctly.
  • Entertainers can set a cover charge for their performances, buffs and cloning sickness cures by using the command /covercharge. To set this charge, stype /covercharge in the spatial chat window. You can reset it by typing /covercharge 0 or /covercharge null).
  • Inspiration Buffs: Giving an Inspiration Buff (from a performing Entertainer) to another Entertainer (as a patron) will allow them to apply Holo-Emotes to their customers. The Holo-Emotes will have 50 charges.
  • The amount of experience points (XP) gained by performing flourishes has been dramatically increased.
  • Entertainers can once again choose the level of various special effects by typing the effect command followed by 1, 2, or 3. For example, /colorlights 1 or /dazzle 2. Note: There must be a space between the special effect and the number for the command to work properly.
  • Entertainer profession titles should now be displayed properly.

Profession: OfficerEdit

  • The "Tactics" line of special abilities for Officers should now buff all members in the Officer's group.

Profession: PoliticianEdit

  • Entertainers who have declared their character's official residence at a house in a player city will receive all politician skills the next time they log in.

Profession: TraderEdit

  • Additional Artisan Assembly and General Experimentation points have been added for Domestics, Structures, and Munitions Traders. By Phase 2, all Traders should have 100 general experimentation points.

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