Location: Anchorhead, Tatooine (104, -5382)

Species: Human

Crazy Dim-U monks have hired a bounty hunter to capture Vardias. He's to be executed for murdering a sacred beast (he shot a rogue bantha that was destroying his vaporator and the monks just so happen to worship banthas).

Mission 1 Edit

Kill the bounty hunter, Rhalia Jinsari, sent to get Vardias. The BH is CL23 at the wayp provided (approx 200m away). Reward: 4000 credits

Vardias wants to make a peace offering to the Dim-U monks in the hopes that they will "forgive and forget." He hired an artist to sculpt a bantha out of a piece of kiliad marble and needs help delivering it to Brother Chonar.

Mission 2 Edit

Deliver a Bantha doll to Brother Chronar at the wayp provided. Reward: 30 credits.

NOTE: To obtain the Bantha doll (or several Bantha dolls) for home decorating simply talk to Vardias again indicating you want to cancel the mission, and repeat. No need to move the doll to a backpack or storage.

Vardias Tyne

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