Name of City: Vodo Falls
Faction: Rebel
Population: 60+
Status: Active
Specialization: Currently, Research
Mayor: atomos CLU
Location: Dantooine, Intrepid, /way 5030 5180
Guild Home: XCorp (PA)
Other information:

This Metropolis is located just Northeast of the Jedi Temple Ruins in the Northeast corner of Dantooine. This city features two prizes awarded to its citizens, an X-Wing and a Fallen AT-AT. The waterfall, whose mist drifts over the ruins, is named after Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas who founded the temple. . Complete with mission terminals, and a merchant area adjacent to the shuttleport, this city is definitely a place to visit on your journeys across the galaxy.

Garage : N/A
Cloner : /way 4867 5214
Shuttleport : /way 4708 5137
Cantina : /way 4772 5045
Medical Center : /way 4794 5149
Shopping Mall : /way 4772 5045
Terminals at : /way 4738 5142
Mission Terminals : /way 4738 5142
Banking Terminals : /way 4780 5186
Rebellion Mission Terminal : /way 4738 5142
Imperial Mission Terminal : N/A

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