Naboo Weapons Development Facility

Not to be confused with the Weapon Development Facility, this PvP base was created with Publish 30/Chapter 2 and is situated in the middle of Naboo. Any PC's that get within 150m of the base will be flagged Special Forces.

Depending on which faction controls the base, there will be CL 90 NPCs defending the base (in addition to any PCs).


Control Terminal (under Rebel control)

The objective is for players to "capture" and hold the base for thier faction. To do this, players must turn four different Control Terminals: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. The Alpha and Beta Control Terminals are located outside, and the Delta and Gamma Control Terminal is located in the central building. To turn these terminals, players just have to "click" on the terminal and wait by it for about 15 seconds. During this time, if the player moves or is attacked, the turning of the terminal fails and the player must retry to turn it.

Once the base it turned, a factional NPC will be available at the bottom of the main bunker (in the same room as the Delta Control Terminal) to award PCs of that faction stims. These stims cost nothing, but you can only have 1 of each at a time. If you use all the stim up, however, you can get more for free.

At first, only 4 stims will be available.

If the base is held for 4 more hours, more stims will arrive. You can check with the same NPC that you get the stims from to see how much longer you need to hold the base for the rest of the stims to arrive.

Base can be found at these coordinates: 936 -1582

You dont have to kill all the NPC's to control the base, just get the control terminals and the opposition NPC's disappear

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