Webweaver path1

the Webweaver paths

One of the most dangerous areas on the Rryatt Trail on Kashyyyk. The area is infested with vile webweaver giant spiders, wookiees who have fled into the wilds and gone feral, and is the location of a camp of cruel Blackscale slavers.

A large feral Wookiee camp lies in the middle of this level, above the Blackscale encampment. The path to the left leads on to the Trail guide that takes you to the final level, and the path to the right leads on down to the Blackscale camp. The radio for the Trandoshan Radio quest is found in a tent at the very back of this encampment, as is poor Rroot, a captured wookiee from Kachirho.

Important NPCs Edit

Webweaver path2

the Webweaver paths

  • Rryatt Trail Guide at the start (-535 341)
  • Rryatt Trail Guide at the end (462 337) Just keep going... you'll find him.
  • Rroot, a capured Wookiee at (-598 -319) Must start the quest for him to spawn.

Bestiary Edit


A webweaver spider

Related Quests Edit

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