Level: 35


  • 14255xp
  • 11000 credits


Inspector Cora sends you back to the Deflarian camp, and once you get there she tells you that you need to find and track a Deflarian courier. This can be a bit tricky. The best thing to do is to go down to the river once you reach the camp, and sooner or later (this is not bugged) you will see the courier walking back and forth along the river. When you see him, follow him.

Following the courier takes you to a secret bunker down on the shore of the river (-6366 -2948). Once you come close to the bunker, you get a message to kill the courier and see what he is carrying - which turns out to be a log book, which mentions that Donovan is in the bunker. Find him, and speak with him.

The bunker is guarded by the following:

  • Deflarian guards (CL36)
  • Deflarian henchmen (CL36)
  • Deflarian killers (CL37)
  • Deflarian underboss (CL37)
  • Vinros, Deflarian boss (CL38)

Donovan is in the first room on the right as you enter the bunker (-6415 -2958). Donovan is chained up and has no idea where he is. He was brought here after his shuttle was highjacked. He tells you that Vinros the boss has the key to his shackles. You will have to destroy 8 henchmen, the underboss, and Vinros (-6353 -3017) in order to free him. Once he is free, return to Cora at the crash site.

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