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The Whiphid species can't be chosen as a vendor species by a trader.

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Whiphids are tall, powerfully built furred bipeds with wide faces, clawed hands, and large up-turned tusks. For their notable dental protrusions, they are often crudely referred to as "Tooth-faces," though few would dare openly call a Whiphid by that unflattering name.

From the Expanded UniverseEdit

Clans of nomadic Whiphids roam the icy plains of Toola, following wandering herds of caraboose and hoary mastmots across the tundra. The shaggy aliens are well suited to such frigid environments, with thick coats of fur and fat to retain their body heat. Whiphids are powerful swimmers, and their fur sheds water, allowing them to swim freely in the cold seas. The greatest of Whiphids stand two-and-a-half meters tall, and weigh over 400 kilograms.

They are ferocious predators with a true love of the hunt. They are extremely talented trackers with a keen sense of smell. Their strength and claws allow them to tackle game barehanded, though most prefer simple cutting implements and spears as weapons. The most influential Whiphid in a tribe is the most successful hunter, who is given the title Spearmaster.

Whiphid technology is extremely primitive, and the aliens live in crude yet effective shelters built of rocks, skins, and mastmot bones. They hollow out temporary snow shelters during their migratory months, returning to their more permanent communities of three to ten families in the brief summers.

Source: Star Wars Databank
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