Preens B'oola

Level: 30


  • 11842 Quest XP
  • 11025 Credits


You are to head to see Gallura Handerin (/way -216 -4560) at the Corellia Capital building (/way -211 -4506). Gallura’s first task for you is to seek out 7 government drop boxes, some guarded by CL30 vicious thugs:

/way purple corellia -180 -4386 Box #1 Guild Hall;
/way purple corellia -10 -4446 Box #2 Fountain, east side of Medical Center;
/way purple corellia -479 -4491 Box #3 East side of Cloning Facility;
/way purple corellia -83 -4617 Box #4 Star Port;
/way purple corellia -362 -4444 Box #5 North side of Cantina;
/way purple corellia -215 -4342 Box #6 Building, north side of Guild Halls;
/way purple corellia -239 -4398 Box #7 Guild Hall;

Once you have all seven drop boxes, return to The Corellia Capital Building and Gallura will give you your next task. You are to recover some stolen armour from the Armor Thieves:

  • Kill 14 Armor Thieves (CL31) (/way -521 -4413)

Once you have dealt with the thieves, head back to Gallura for your next task. Now, you are to head to the Theatre to look for a missing Courier (found at /way -193 -4241).

/way orange corellia -193 -4241 Courier;

The Courier is dead - when you click on the corpse, you will be sent a commlink message saying you are to pay 1,000,000 credits if you want the government documents back. Head to the given waypoint and rendezvous with Preens B’oola (/way 407 -4972).

/way orange corellia 407 -4972 Preens B'oola;

B'oola's camp is surrounded by Vicious Thugs (CL30), and Preens B’oola (CL31) is looking for a fight. Once you’ve killed Preens, head back to Gallura to complete the Quest.

Following Quest: Help Get the Informant's Information >>

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