Short name: Wwolf

Full name: The White Wolves

SWG Chapter Established: March 23, 2004

Founder: Airik Stormgard

Guild motto: Alone We're Deadly...Together We're Unstoppable

Current SWG Chapter Leader: Magenta Katana (since July 2, 2011)

Previous SWG Leaders: Airik Stormgard (March 2004 - March 2006), Peecee Ramsdale (March 2006 - May 2008), Byvoa Narei (May 2008 - January 2010), Ulla (January 2010 - July 2011)

Guild City: White Wolf City (Naboo 2286, 6617), founded Nov 3, 2004.

Current Mayor: Marina' (since August 20, 2009)

Previous Mayors: Kreds, Aziel Lightshifter, Bluejay Mexalen, Nossa Benden, Grifja Od'Dub, Viggo Vickers, Airik Stormgard, Annatha Darkcloud, Rieko Wavingmoon, Darkowmen FearMe

Members: The White Wolves are officially a Rebel guild and members are expected to be 18 years of age or older

History: The White Wolves were originally born as the Ultima Online guild Knights of the White Wolf in 1999

Beyond SWG: In addition to SWG, the White Wolves Online Gaming Community has guilds in the Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, EVE Online and some of its members have been active in numerous other online games like Warhammer, Piates of the Burning Seas, Rift, and Star Trek Online. The community has also expanded to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  In all games, members are expected to be 18 years of age or older and be of that game's "good" faction.

Website: the White Wolves


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