Schematic Obtained In: Shipwright >> * * Master Shipwright
Skill Needed to Use: Alliance Pilot >> Alliance Starfighter Trainee
Item Type: Ship Components >> Ship Chassis
Resources Required:

  • 18000 units of Steel
  • 6000 units of Steel
  • 6000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 6000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 1000 units of Petrochemical Asteroid
  • 6000 units of Aluminum
  • 1000 units of Iron Asteriod
  • 6000 units of Fiberplast

  • Total: 24000 Steel, 12000 Low-Grade Ore, 1000 Petrochemical Asteroid, 6000 Aluminum, 1000 Iron Asteroid, 6000 Fiberplast

Complexity: 35
Requires: Specialzed Starship Crafting Tool and Starship Crafting Station
XP Gained: 142500 Shipwright XP (normal) / YY Shipwright XP (practice)
Relevent Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Hitpoints:
    • Maximum Hitpoints:
      • Heat Resistance: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%
  • Experimental Mass:
    • Maximum Mass:
      • Malleability: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%

In game schematic description:
Incom/Subpro Z-95-AF4 Headhunter
One of the oldest starfighters still in use, the Headhunter predates the Battle of Yavin by several decades and has expirenced several revivals since its first appearance. The starfighter's longevity is based on its legendary resilience and it still remains an attractive option to mercenaries and security personnel throughout the galaxy. The starfighter is identified by a pair of fixed wings equipped with with rear-mounted maneuvering jets. Easy to modify, the Headhunter can support a wide range of laser cannons and missile-launcher, placing it on par with the Y-wing in terms of sheer destructive capability. The Rebel Alliance has even been known to convert Headhunters for short-ranged bombing runs. The Rebels also use Headhunters for training missions because the vehicle's controls are identical to those of the X-wing and Y-wing.

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