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SWG InformationEdit

Zabrak g

A Male (left) and a Female (right) Zabrakian

The Zabrak species is a popular choice for gamers because of its unique Equilibrium ability, which allows a Zabrak player to even out damage among the three HAM pools. Their resist bonuses to some state effects also aids Zabrak during battle.

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Defense vs. Dizzy +10
  • Defense vs. Stun +10
  • Defense vs. Intimidate +10
  • Anti-Shock +5
  • Equilibrium +1
  • Vitalize +1

Star Wars LoreEdit

This near-human species had several sub-species, each of which was distinguishable by the vestigial horns which ringed their heads. They were known for their ability to withstand great amounts of pain.

The Zabrak races were native to the planet Iridonia, but discovered the ability to travel through space early in the history of the Old Republic. They quickly set out to colonize more hospitable worlds after a group of Duros explorers provided them with the knowledge of spaceflight. The strong will and self-confidence of the Zabrak led them to establish a number of colonies on remote worlds, each as loyal to its colony as to their homeworld. One of the largest settlements of Zabrak away from Iridonia was located on the planet Talus.

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