Zekka thyne
Zekka Thyne can be found in a Coronet Hotel located at the south-west of the Corellian city.
/way corellia -447 -4695 Zekka Thyne;

This Bothan is a member of the Black Sun organization and provides missions to support their operations.

Tip: after each mission, ITV to the Coronet Shuttle B instead of coming back on a vehicle, it will save you a lot of time since the hotel is 130m from this shuttle.

Kill Korowee Fa'lornEdit

  • Reward: 125 credits

Zekka is in the process of consolidating some business interests on Corellia. An associate of him is reluctant to provide his list of clients, and needs to die. By conversing with him, he'll just give you the requested Datadisc.

Kill Wedu BelarEdit

  • Reward: 250 credits

A rival's upset about how the datadisc ended in Zekka's hands. Suppress him (CL7) before this gets nasty for the Black Sun.

Kill WililikinEdit

  • Reward: 500 credits

That sneaky Wedu has colleted a large amount of incriminating evidences on Zekka's clients. A CorSec agent, Wililikin, is holding these files, find him and kill him (CL 14) and his escort of two CL4 thugs as well.

Kill Drune JunturaEdit

  • Reward: 750 credits

After Wedu's elimination, there's a death mark on Zekka's head. A skilled assassin named Drune Juntura (CL 22) is working on it, stop him.

You'll make a name for yourself yet, killer, you just wait and see.

Star Wars LoreEdit

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